What is choYce?

choYce is a start-up company in the field of consumerism.
Our aim is to empower wise-consumerism.


The 200 years since the Industrial Revolution are but a glimpse in the history of our planet. Mankind exploits natural resources more and more, in order to satisfy consumers' desires.

In the last few decades, thanks to the internet and social media, there is increasing awareness of environmental issues like sustainable development. There are many communities concerned with green economy. Vast amounts of information and knowledge are available which can help consumers make more informed decisions, yet potential for change hasn't been fulfilled.

Bild Maschinenhalle Escher Wyss 1875 A Factory in Switzerland, 1875


Our vision is simple. Fulfill this potential.

Empower consumers by helping them make educated choices.
Make the economy more sustainable.


The key features used to obtain our vision are:
  1. Community oriented trade.
  2. User-based knowledge bank.
    1. Gathering and sharing information.
    2. Wisdom of the crowds.
    3. Sustainability monitoring.
  3. Multi trade methods.

Who are we?

choYce was founded in 2014 by Ronen Rothfarb, a young entrepreneur from Kfar-Saba, Israel. With technical computer background from home, and after working in a local environmental department for a while, Ronen was inspired by "Story of Stuff" and has decided to try and make a change in the way people relate to their stuff (consumer goods).

His father, Shuki Rothfarb, a senior systems analyst, joined the challenge of creating a new and complex system, bringing with him years of knowledge and experience in the computer industry.

By developing this platform that brings together tools that will help resolve some of the issues at hand, our team hopes to make a change for the best to our well-being and the environment.

Founder & CEO Ronen Rothfarb
VP R&D Joshua (Shuki) Rothfarb

Join us

If you wish to join 'choYce' in the early stages, and be a part of our project,
We are looking for the following:
  • EXPERTS in these fields:
    • Consumerism
    • Social Consumerism
    • Environmental Science
    • Big Data
    • CrowdSourcing / Wisdom of the Crowds

Invest in us

To make this happen, we will need the help of impact investors.

Impact investors are investors who are not only looking to make a financial benefit from investing in us, but also looking to make a social and environmentally change. Leave a positive mark on society.

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